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Book cover of Fear by Bob Woodward
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
September 11, 2018
ISBN: 9781501175510
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“Real power is – I don’t even want to use the word – fear.”

– Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump in an interview with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on March 31, 2016, at the Old Post Office Pavilion, Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C.


With authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside Donald Trump’s White House and how the president makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies.

Drawing from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, contemporaneous meeting notes, files, documents and personal diaries, Fear brings to light the explosive debates that drive decision-making in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Air Force One and the White House residence.

Fear is the most acute and penetrating portrait of a sitting president ever published during the first years of an administration,” said Jonathan Karp, President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster. “This is the inside story on President Trump as only Bob Woodward can tell it.”


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The Last of the President’s Men

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Obama's Wars

Obama’s Wars

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The War Within

The War Within

Bob Woodward’s fourth book about the Bush presidency at war declassifies the secrets of America’s political and military involvement in Iraq. It will be essential reading for all citizens — and candidates — in this election year.

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State of Denial

State Of Denial

Bob Woodward’s third #1 New York Times bestseller on President George W. Bush’s wars tells the detailed, behind-the-scenes story of how the Bush administration failed to tell the truth about the Iraq War.

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The Secret Man

In Washington , D.C. , where little stays secret for long, the identity of Deep Throat — the mysterious source who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein break open the Watergate scandal in 1972 — remained hidden for 33 years. Now, Woodward tells the story of his long, complex relationship with W. Mark Felt, the enigmatic former No. 2 man in the Federal Bureau of Investigation who helped end the presidency of Richard Nixon.

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Plan Of Attack

Plan Of Attack

Plan of Attack is the definitive account of how and why President George W. Bush, his war council, and allies launched a preemptive attack to topple Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq .

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Bush At War

Bush At War

Bush at War is the behind-the-scenes story of how President George W. Bush and his top national security advisers, after the initial shock of the September 11 attacks, led the nation to war. Based on interviews with more than a hundred sources and four hours of exclusive interviews with the president, Bush at War reveals Bush’s sweeping, almost grandiose, vision for remaking the world. “I’m not a textbook player, I’m a gut player,” the president said.

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In eight Tuesdays each year, Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan convenes a small committee to set the short-term interest rate that can move through the American and world economies like an electric jolt. As much as any, the committee’s actions determine the economic well-being of every American.

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The Shadow


Twenty-five years ago, after Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, Gerald Ford promised a return to normalcy. “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over,” President Ford declared. But it was not. The Watergate scandal, and the remedies against future abuses of power, would have an enduring impact on presidents and the country.

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The Choice

Based on a massive body of original reporting and documentation and on hundreds of interviews with firsthand sources, The Choice is the behind-the-scenes story of President Bill Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole over two years. It is the personal and political story of how the nation’s two top leaders prepared themselves to square off for the 1996 presidential election.

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The Agenda

Working behind the scenes for the 18 months following Bill’s election, Bob Woodward has discovered how the Clinton White House really works. In The Agenda, he offers one of the most intimate portraits of a sitting president ever published, taking us not only to the highest level meetings, the hard-fought debates, and most difficult decisions but also to the very heart of this presidency — and of this man.

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The Commanders

During the first two years of the George H. W. Bush administration, the United States military and its leaders dominated the world’s attention to a degree not seen since the Vietnam War. Bob Woodward tells the behind-the-scenes story of how President Bush and his military high command made their decisions.

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“Everyone always says more than they’re supposed to,” Central Intelligence Agency Director William J. Casey told Bob Woodward in one of their major interviews for this book. Using hundreds of inside sources and secret documents, Woodward has pieced together an unparalleled account of the CIA, its Director, and the United States government.

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