Fear: Trump in the White House by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author Bob Woodward is now available.

Washington Post: In a new book, Bob Woodward plans to reveal the ‘harrowing life’ inside Donald Trump’s White House

Book cover of Fear by Bob WoodwardWith authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside Donald Trump’s White House and how the president makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies.

 CNN: Bob Woodward’s new book puts readers ‘face to face with Trump’

Drawing from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, contemporaneous meeting notes, files, documents and personal diaries, Fear brings to light the explosive debates that drive decision-making in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Air Force One and the White House residence.

Politico: ‘Everyone talked with Woodward’: Trump White House braces for new book

Fear is the most acute and penetrating portrait of a sitting president ever published during the first years of an administration,” said Jonathan Karp, President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster. “This is the inside story on President Trump as only Bob Woodward can tell it.”

Fear was both a New York Times and International #1 bestseller. It broke the 94-year first-week sales record of its publisher Simon & Schuster and sold over two million copies its first three months in the U.S. alone.

“Real power is – I don’t even want to use the word – fear.”

– Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump in an interview with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on March 31, 2016, at the Old Post Office Pavilion, Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C.

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George Packer wrote in The New Yorker that Fear “is a remarkable feat of
reporting…There’s nothing comparable in American journalism, except maybe
Woodward’s “The Final Days” co-written with Carl Bernstein about the downfall of
Richard Nixon.”

Nick Bryant of the BBC wrote, “Though his books are often sensational, he is the opposite of sensationalist. He’s diligent, rigorous, fastidious about the facts, and studiously ethical. There’s something almost monastic about his method…He’s Washington’s chronicler in chief.”

New York Times: Bob Woodward’s New Book Will Detail ‘Harrowing Life’ Inside Trump White House

Fox News: Watergate legend Bob Woodward goes after Donald Trump with secret book, ‘Fear’

About Bob Woodward:

Bob Woodward has worked for The Washington Post since 1971. He and Carl Bernstein are the authors of All the President’s Men and The Final Days. Woodward has won nearly every American journalism award, and the Post won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for his work with Bernstein on the Watergate scandal.

Bob WoodwardIn addition, Woodward was the main reporter for the Post’s articles on the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks that won the National Affairs Pulitzer Prize in 2003.

Woodward has authored or coauthored 19 national best-selling non-fiction books. Thirteen have been #1 national non-fiction bestsellers — more #1 national non-fiction bestsellers than any contemporary author. He has written books on nine of the most recent presidents, from Nixon to Trump. Fear: Trump in the White House (2018) was both a New York Times and International #1 bestseller. It broke the 94-year first-week sales record of its publisher Simon & Schuster and sold over two million copies its first three months in the U.S. alone. Fear is the most detailed and penetrating portrait of a sitting president in the first years of an administration.

The Weekly Standard called Woodward “the best pure reporter of his generation, perhaps ever.” In 2003, Albert Hunt of The Wall Street Journal called Woodward “the most celebrated journalist of our age.” In 2004, Bob Schieffer of CBS News said, “Woodward has established himself as the best reporter of our time. He may be the best reporter of all time.”

Gene Roberts, the former managing editor of The New York Times, has called the Woodward-Bernstein Watergate coverage, “maybe the single greatest reporting effort of all time.” (Source: Roy J. Harris, Jr., Pulitzer’s Gold, 2007, p. 233.)

In listing the all-time 100 best non-fiction books, Time Magazine has called All the President’s Men, by Bernstein and Woodward, “Perhaps the most influential piece of journalism in history.”

Robert Gates, former director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense, said in 2014 that he wished he’d recruited Woodward into the CIA, saying of Woodward, “He has an extraordinary ability to get otherwise responsible adults to spill [their] guts to him…his ability to get people to talk about stuff they shouldn’t be talking about is just extraordinary and may be unique.”